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In order for you to receive a PDRY token you need to confirm your identity. Please provide personal information and documents in accordance with the KYC / AML policy to prevent the cause of fraud. Please follow the procedure below and input it correctly. If you have any questions, please contact us from this inquiry form.










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Purchase 1 unit. (1 unit =20,000 PDRY)

Example) 2 units = 40,000 PDRY→ Please enter [2]



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When BTC or ETH is selected as your payment method,You need to inform the your wallet address[(e.g.) Bitcoin Core , Electrum(BTC) MyEtherWallet(ETH)] to us.

Please do not remit from the exchange! because we can not identify you. 

Please check the contents you entered and check below.

Documents:white paper, terms of use, privacy policy